Rider isnt wokring well with multiple problems

I have a new PC and I downloaded the latest Rider version, I had the same problems with my old one, but I thought it was because the computer was slow.

these are the main issues:

1. Takes forever to evaluate expressions in the debugger
2. build sometimes stuck
3. setting new breakpoints sometimes doesn't succeed, the red dot isn't appearing 
4. sometimes the code turns into color white, and I get a message rider is indexing the file and I should wait, the ide just stuck like this and never finished.

I'm using the latest version 2024.1.3 but it also happens in the previous version 

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Which OS are you using? If you are using Linux, the best way is to install Rider from the JetBrains Toolbox app. It's an officially managed package.

If you see the similar backend hang/crash issues next time, please refer to this instruction to capture the full log bundle. We will help to check further. Please upload the file to our server and share the ID.


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