Rider using 100% CPU and not actually running the app when I try to run it

I created a basic console app in C# using the console app template. It just does Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!"). When I click the run button in Rider, the build succeeds, but the app doesn't actually run. Java and Rider.Backend both use 100% of one CPU core:

Running the app using `dotnet run` works fine. It did work in the past, so I'm not sure what broke

What I've tried so far:

  • Upgraded from 2024.1.2 to 2024.1.3
  • Totally uninstalled and reinstalled Rider, including deleting the .config/JetBrains directory to revert to the default config

Any ideas?

  • OS: Debian Linux testing
  • Product: Rider 2024.1.3
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Please have a check on the Rider system requirements page, make sure your OS and hardware meet the requirement.

You can capture a full log bundle when reproducing the issue, we will try to understand which step is causing the high usage.

Please upload the file to our server and share the ID.




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