Rider backend process running for long time

I have  MAUI .Net8 project with Rider, the backend process running for more than 1 hour, at that time could not run or debug the project with rider,

> Is there any way to avoid this or make it as a background process so that i can run or debug the project at the same time?


There could be some issue happening when you see the backend process hanging.

Could you please reproduce the issue and collect the full log bundle so we could take a closer look at the case?

Please upload files to our server and share the ID.





Please find our uploaded log file,

Upload ID: 2024_06_24_266vpZojVketP416PxDLFB (file: rider-logs-20240624-1413132331548668446641028.zip)


I reviewed the logs and noticed there are several Java Runtime exceptions thrown, which we have fixed in the 2024.1.3. It could cause Rider to crash randomly.

Also, I found there could be some problems with your project model. It causes the Rider backend process to hang for a long time. 

Could you uninstall Rider, ensure that all directories mentioned in this article are removed, then install the latest version from JetBrains Toolbox App? Then delete the .idea folder in the solution root directory, Rider will generate a new project model. See if the same problem occurs in the newer versions.

If the problem persists, please reproduce then upload the log bundle again.


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