Rider always shows "Irrelevant results" under Add Reference tab


I'm using Rider 2018.2.3, the project is ASP.NET Core 3 API.

I need to add reference to System.Web.dll but every time I try to add a reference I see this

Is it possible to make rider populate this dialog with system references?

 It's a real butthurt to always navigate to the system references folder by hand


Well, looks like it's netcore 2.1 which causes the problem


Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for the request.

System.Web.dll is a part of  .net Framework. As I can see on the screenshot, you are trying to add a reference to .net core project. By default system references are displayed only for classic targets.

For example, if you add a net452 target into you csproj 


and open "add reference" dialog or try add a reference to classic project, you will see system references


Also, the following topic could be useful https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40912473/can-system-web-be-used-with-asp-net-core-with-full-framework





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