Ctrl-Click to select word & HighLighting for Changed Lines


I installed 30 days trial rider today, which saw in advertising. I'm very excited about the rider work fast enough.

  1. That's my question: Please tell me is there an magic option to enable word selection via Ctrl+Click?

    I'm used to operating with "Ctrl" like i keep it clamped and then I click one by one "C" "Click" "V" "Click" "V" "Click" "V" "C" "Click" "V" ... etc

    but in Rider I have to press "Ctrl"+"C" "Click" "Click" "Ctrl"+ "V" "Click" "Click" "Ctrl"+ "V" "Click" "Click" "Ctrl"+ "V" "Ctrl"+"C" "Click" "Click" "Ctrl"+ "V" I think my mind just exploded ))) I can't do this for a couple of seconds as with the combination above

    ( I made acceptable result with a macros for selection, although there is a little problem that the selection release when the button up not down and i cannot select many words, but it's working for one word )
  2. And if i'm lucky, another question: ScrollBar? Is there any option available to mark changed lines with colored stripes on the scrollbar?
  3. And I was able to adjust the colorstyles scheme in 10 minutes, bam bam bam, just a magic, but I can't turn off the tooltips for 50 minutes, which often appears in front and sometimes does not hide


But really, Rider pretty cool stuff, let him has so far performed poorly in basic stuff ( basic stuff and overburdened syntax highlighting at the first start, might be too overwhelming to some people at the beginning ), but if you need a space station that's exactly what it is, thank you for the hard work.




Hello Vittorio Sizovi!

1. ctrl-click is used for going to the declaration of the symbol one clicks on. It's quite useful since navigating over a code base is much popular than using a copy/paste. More than that, since Rider tries to understand as much as possible about the code, chances are that there's something you can navigate to whenever you ctrl-click on something.

Rename refactoring (shift+f6, or ctrl-shift-alt-t for 'Refactor this') usually is much more suitable for replacing symbols in code. However, when working with the text rather than with the code it's good to know some editor tricks: take a look at extend/shrink selection actions (ctrl+w/ctrl+shift+w, alt+up/down arrows on mac), and multiple carets support here (also there're plenty of videos and articles on the internet). Rider and other JetBrains products are keyboard-oriented, and you don't usually need to use the mouse at all. Here's a small demonstration 

If nothing of it suits your needs and you really want to get back to the usual workflow, you can always go to `Settings | Keymap` search for "Extend selection" action and assign a mouse shortcut for it (ctrl+click).

2. Currently, it's not possible. Rider displays modified lines in the gutter margin (on the left of the editor), I'd use 'Version Control' tool window and see the diff on a changed file rather than looking at the error stripe, which primary usage is to show warnings and errors (pun is not intended :))

3. This is a popular problem, take a look at RIDER-4796 and vote it to get the updates. If it really bothers you it's possible to disable tooltips completely. 'Go To Action' (ctrl+shift+a/meta+shift+a on mac), type "registry", in the list type "ide.disable.editor.tooltips", and set it to true. I'd not recommend that though, as you can miss important information about problems your code might have.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hope this helps


Hello, Alexander Kirsanov.

Thank you so much for very extensive submission in reply, and providing me with help!


1. I assigned ctrl+click for "Expand Selection", why didn't I see it right away =) but it works as a macros; but I would just like OnDown for this, and then when I have continued to drag it would continued to select the whole words.
And going to the declaration isn't really important to me, I assigned MMB for it.
Multicursors are awersome, once thanks again for very extensive reply.
2. I have to make changes for example and debug them
I change the 50, 560, 1050 and 4300 lines, and if it will highlight it as additional color stripe, not rather than looking at the error of cource :), I could quickly randomly navigate between these parts and do further changes, and it's for every opened file, I remember the files is I changed, open tab and can see the changed lines. If I closed the file tab, changed lines' cache would be cleared. This added for visual studio, and it is looks pretty convenient to me
3. "registry" - awesome, thanks for helping with this. That's why I love Rider.


4. And I lack the extra option to display find usages as a flat list and yet contain the fully information about each line, it is more convenient when I have to find conditionas with eyes. That all information about usage was include in one row (not alt+shift+f12, however alt+shift+f12's absolutely great feature) https://docs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/ide/whats-new-visual-studio-2017?view=vs-2017 


Thanks for you time and reply, and work!
And I'm not asking for updating )) I simply wanted to draw the attention, and figure it out myself. Already the Rider have been astounding.


You're welcome!

2. If the point is to navigate through changes rather than getting an overview. Try 'Nanigate to Next/Previous Change' (ctrl+shift+alt+up/down, may be different depending on the keymap you use), also take a look at Navigate section in the Main menu, there're a lot of stuff

4. You can enable preview in the Find Usage tool window. It should solve your problem. The particular VS-style implementation looks similar to Quick Definition, take a look at this


There is still a need for OnDown execution of Ctrl+Click word selection, just so you know, it IS uncomfortable to use macros for word expansion - lots of users still navigate the code with mouse (it IS faster), and whole-word select is a logical continuation of intention expression. Please make it be, if you got the time, by any chance. Thanks. 


Hi, a_knorre

I appreciate your feedback and I understand your point of view here While there are a few methods to introduce feature requests, I think your best choice here would be to use our tracker here and submit a request. On the tracker, others can see your request and add their vote if they find such a tool would be useful, which helps our team to better understand which features/tools our users are eager for. I believe this can help give the best visibility for your request.


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