Notifications are sometimes completely unclickable


Sometimes I get a notification box like the following:

But occasionally, I can't interact with it at all. Clicking on it does nothing. Clicking on 'View them' does nothing. Clicking on '1 more' does nothing.

In fact, the problem seems to extend to related parts of the window - clicking on Event Log in the bottom right also does nothing. But clicking on the various tabs in the bottom left (e.g. TODO, Performance Profiler, etc) all work. Every other part of the IDE UI seems to work - editor windows, toolbars, menus, browsers.

What's going on here?


Hi Ben, 

Do you experience this issue only with Git notifications or with any other? 

Could you please collect and share an idea.log file after reproducing the issue (




False alarm - turns out this was Slack! It puts notifications at the same part of the screen, and sometimes when the notification has disappeared, it is still catching clicks with an invisible window. This blocks them from going to the application below, in this case Rider, which puts notifications in the same place.

Apparently this happens with EA Origin as well.



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