[Mac] Xamarin.iOS Run / Debug does nothing


I've a fairly large project created in Visual Studio that I would very much like to run from Rider (right now I have VS open just for debugging, and it's a pain with files that aren't always synchronized and just general lag). However, the run / debug buttons in Rider do absolutely nothing for this project. No errors, no dialogs, nothing. I press the button and it's like it has never happened. If I create an empty Xamarin.iOS project it does start, so it appears to be something in my particular project configuration. I have no idea where to start looking though. Anybody any ideas as to where I might find clues what's going on when I click that button?


Hi Elte,

Could you please enable "Xamarin" tracing in "Help | Trace Scenarios (LOGS)", then reproduce the issue once again, and share collected logs in a new Support Request (Help | Contact Support menu in Rider). By the way, it would be perfect to have a repro solution.


Thank you in advance.



Hi Sofia,

I agree, that would be great ;). But since I have no clue which part of my rather elaborate solution/project is causing this, I don't know how to reproduce. I have created https://rider-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/requests/2329301.

Thanks for the help,

-- Elte


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