some times autocomplete stops working, especially when dealing with switch case


autocomplete in general is very very buggy, in fact it's so distracting and flow killer that I'm considering switching to VS, even though rider debugger in unity is far superior

so please sit with a dev or 2 take notes and fix the thing

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Hi Laurent! 

Thank you for your feedback. We could try to investigate the situation with autocomplete. In this case, we need some additional information: your OS, version of Rider, and type of project; how exactly do you call autocomplete, what you expect and what you get. Screencast or screenshot and logs are also will help. 

Also, I could see your other request, so please, confirm that there is more than one problem with autocomplete.

We could investigate the problem privately. For this, click 'Help | Contact support' and attach all the information to the new issue. 

Thank you in advance! 


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