Highlight redundant SuppressMessage attributes and "ReSharper disabled" comments

Sometimes I have to disable Rider warnings if my classes are being instantiated by third party libraries or through exceptions or otherwise (see here https://rider-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360006858879)

One common usage is implementing a class which would then be auto-wired by a DI library:


public interface IMyClass { void MyMethod() };

public class MyClass: IMyClass { public void MyMethod() {...} }

container.RegisterAutoWiredAs<MyClass, IMyClass>();

public class OtherClass { private readonly IMyClass _myClass; OtherClass(IMyClass myClass) { _myClass = myClass } }


MyClass is never instantiated directly by my code, so I have to add ClassNeverInstantiated.Global to suppress the Rider warning.

Then I might want to add a unit test which would create an instance of MyClass directly.

The SuppressMessage attribute on the class then becomes redundant (it suppresses a warning which not have happened in the first place), however I have no way of telling this by looking at the code.

It would be nice if the redundant SuppressMessage attributes and "ReSharper disable" comments could be highlighted.

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