How to run JetBrains Rider in Internal Mode

Via JetBrains Toolbox:

  • Open JetBrains Toolbox;
  • Find JetBrains Rider there;
  • Click on "nut" icon and then on Settings menu item:
  • On "Rider Settings" page, click on "Edit Java Virtual Machine options..." and paste "" key (without double quotes) to the end of the file;
  • Save your changes;
  • Run JetBrains Rider


Via JetBrains Rider;

  • Open a solution in JetBrains Rider;
  • Open "Help | Edit Custom Properties";
  • Paste "" (without double quotes) to the file;
  • Save it;
  • Restart JetBrains Rider


How to check that Internal mode is ON

There are the following menu items: 

  • View | Tool Windows | Internal;
  • Tools | Internal Actions (Rider);




A line saying what "internal mode" is about would clarify a lot.


I'm currently using v1.6.2914 of Toolbox.  I do not see a "Custom options for Java virtual machine textbox."  I was able to enable internal mode by clicking the 'Edit Java Virtual Machine options' button and adding the referenced line to the vmoptions file.


Bcook Thanks for the notice, I have edited the article.


Yeah not sure if it's this: but agree, some sort of holistic reference system to documentation would be fabulous... trying to track down bugs with Rider is painful.


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