Rider 2019.3 Unity Exclude Packages from Debugging

Ok this is driving me crazy, is there a way to exclude/ignore files/folders from getting debugged?

like in Visual studio it ignores Unity's packages folder i only need to debug my code.

I have "enable external source debug" turned off.

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I tested the scenario and Unity packages should be ignored with `Enable external source debug` option disabled. Could you please clarify what Rider and Unity version are you using? I would also appreciate if you could provide me with a screencast of the issue as well as the logs which can be collected using the following instruction. You can attach information here or via a new issue on our bug tracker. Thank you in advance!

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Rider 2019.3.1 Build RD# 193.5662.14
Unity 2019.3.0f1
Windows 10 Pro Build 10.0.18362



I stopped at the first file from the packages opening.




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i moved the logs to RIDER-37646 just just in case you cant open the log file from my site


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