Tweak terminal color scheme for readable powerline

Using Powerline in Windows Terminal works great, see the bottom console in the screenshot, but produces an unreadable powerline in Rider, top left console.

How can I change the color of the text on the yellow bar, which is light in Rider but dark on both the standard PowerShell and Windows Terminal windows? Can't figure out the appropriate area using the Console Colors panel. Nothing changes the color of the text on top of bright yellow.




You can change the color of powerline text by adjusting ANSI Colors "Black" and "White" under Editor->Color Scheme->Console Colors settings.


Let me know if this helps.


Much better. Thank you.


Using Oh-My-Posh with the Bubbles theme works fine in Windows Terminal as shown below.

But in Rider's terminal, the background colour is never set.

As you can see, changing Black to red applies to the foreground, but not the background.

I tried changing the ANSI colours under Color Scheme > Console Colors, but no matter what I set, the background of each segment was never applied.


Hello Wagner,

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It seems that you have faced a known bug with IDEA-293042. Feel free to upvote the issue and subscribe to the updates by pressing the Watch issue button. 

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