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Dear Rider Team,

I've came across your product through various youtubers while learning new .NET Technologies.

Upon visiting the website I saw that Rider is a cross platform IDE for .NET devs which essentially means

your IDE is devoid of all the clutter from .NET Framework and everything that is WinOS specific.

Which is in my opinion makes your product superior by default.

But I also realized that there's no "Community" Edition for hobbyists and students who are not making money out 

of the product.

I believe it would be a wise move from Jetbrains side to open such version in order to introduce your product to the wider public 

and encourage a wave of future software engineers who'd prefer your product over the competition.


Kind regards,


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Hello Daniel Rashba


Thanks for your feedback


Regrettably, at this time, we're not planning to release a Community Edition. We may revisit this decision at a later date, but there are no plans to change this in the short term. However, we do have special offers - for students, teachers, Open Source developers, and more. You can refer to this page to learn more.


Also, note that Ride EAPs are distributed free of charge.


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