Debuger keeps crashing Unity


I have like 50 Playmodetest and almost everytime I run them in the Debugger, Unity is not reponding anymore. It´s really annoying. I am at my wits end :(


Edit: Also I noticed that the debuger holds at former respectively not anymore set breakpoints. I use the coverage package which is a preview package.

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Hi Uxecw,


I'm sorry to hear you have encountered such an issue. We'll need to take a look at the logs to investigate this behavior. We would appreciate it if you could collect the logs as described below:

• Enable Debugger tracing scenario under Help->Diagnostic Tools->Choose Trace Scenarios
• Reproduce the debug issue
• Collect the logs using Help->Collect Logs and disable the Debugger tracing

Once Rider creates the log archive, please send it to us via the Upload Service and share the generated Upload ID here.


Thank you in advance!


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