Xamarin.iOS project not running on physical device



I'm having an issue running my iOS project on a physical device, any ideas? This is what happens, I switch the build configuration to Debug|iPhone, I then click on the debug icon, it builds and then does nothing after except grey out the debug icon, If I click the run icon it does the same thing and then greys out the run icon. It runs perfectly fine in Visual Studio Community.

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Thanks for creating the post. May I ask you to collect detailed logs to help us pinpoint the issue? Please take the following steps to collect them:

1. Open  Help -> Diagnostic Tools -> Choose Trace Scenarios and select Debugger and Xamarin there

2. Reproduce the issue exactly as you described it (switch the build configuration to Debug|iPhone, I then click on the debug icon)

3. Collect Rider logs with Help -> Collect Logs

4. Create a new issue on YouTrack for Rider developers team and attache the logs there. Please note that you need to create an account first. Alternatively, you can create a new Support Request and attach the logs there.

5. Don't forget to disable trace scenarios

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it's almost been 2 weeks since I logged the issue on YouTrack and it still hasn't been resolved, up till this point I still haven't gotten a reply to my last comment. 

Could someone please help me.

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Sorry for the delay. Our team works on reproducing the issue; it may take quite a lot of time sometimes.  If there will be a workaround or we will need additional information, we'll comment on the issue.  

Also, I'd suggest you try Rider EAP as some things could work differently. 

Thank you for your patience! 


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