150+ Projects Solution RAM Consumption Rider vs Visual Studio


We have a solution with 163 projects (do not ask me why) but It created an interesting case to compare how 32bit Visual Studio runs against 64bit Rider.

I am adding a screenshot of Task Manager with both VS and Rider sitting idle with the same solution open.

I do not mind (and actually would prefer) Rider consuming more RAM and work faster than doing some behind scenes optimization or something to consume less RAM.

However, I have no idea what is happening here and why Rider is consuming 2x more RAM than Visual Studio does. I did not measure how long it takes for each to open the solution or build all projects, but let's start with just idling with the solution open. What is happening with RAM in cases of Rider and Visual Studio?




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Hello JoyRider,


Rider can be roughly split into two parts in the big picture - the backend (JetBrains.ReSharper.Host process) and the frontend (rider64.exe process). The backend is responsible for things like code analysis, refactorings, styling, etc. The frontend is mostly responsible for the UI and user interactions with the UI. Both parts allocate the memory for multiple purposes to ensure good IDE performance while working on a project - editing, refactoring, testing, etc.


Rider uses GC on the frontend (Java) and the backend (C#), so not all allocated memory is constantly in use, and many of the allocated native buffers are reused. Both parts of Rider use memory for a wide variety of reasons across multiple subsystems, with the main goal being performance and responsiveness when working with solutions of different sizes. 


Generally, we consider using around 3-4GB of memory on solutions with 100-200 projects to be reasonable, but if you think that Rider uses way too much RAM with your solution - let us know.

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Thanks for the explanation Kirill!


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