Using rider as general C++ development IDE

I like how rider handles C++ code in unreal and it looks that it works with C++ much better than CLion in terms of refactoring, inspections, and quick fixes. Currently, I use CLion at work and use Unreal Engine development in my spare time as a hobby. I also use Unity sometimes and earlier, when I was a Unity developer I used Rider license for a long time. I would really appreciate if you made Rider be able to handle general C++ CMake/makefile projects as CLion currently does but with Rider's features


Hello IC,


We have no immediate plans to support general C++ projects in Rider. We are currently working specifically on the Unreal support in Rider, and it is not likely to change in the near future.


CLion does support general C++ projects, and we would appreciate it if you could create a feature request on the tracker and let us know what features you would like to see implemented in CLion.


Hi there, 
I am in a very similar situation than the other guy. I am a professional Unity developer and I pay for Rider. I have recently started a new project in my work in Unreal Engine and it seems that I could use Rider for general C/C++ development.

I have a personal project which has a C/C++ core and I am using Visual Studio, however I like Rider a lot more, it has far more features then a vanilla Community version of Visual Studio. I also used CLion in the past and I have to say I was quite disappointed. However I was using EAP versions so the bugs were expectable. 

I would definitely prefer Rider for the C++ work over CLion or Visual Studio. I am also currently rewriting some code to pure ANSI C for a better compatibility with some tools that I am using. My project is CMake based, rather than a typical Microsoft Visual Studio solution.

I get it that having more products is better for the business, but there are definitely some rather unexpected and minor but numerous inconsistencies between various JetBrains products. (I am using IntelliJ and Rider daily).


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