Debug issue in Rider for Unreal

Hi there, I am trying to debug some of my code, and need to know the SessionName that got passed in as an argument, however I encounter there are errors a shown in the below image:


May I know what am I doing wrong?


Thanks a lot!

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Hi Ian

Please reproduce this behavior, collect the Rider logs via Help->Collect Logs, and send us the log archive via the Upload Service. Once you upload the logs, leave a comment with an Upload ID in this thread.

Thank you!

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Hi Kirill,

I have uploaded the log, here is the Upload ID: 2020_12_02_7ezojEoaGiZKEoNP (file: .

Thanks for helping!

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the logs. Based on the available information, it seems like this data was stripped during the optimization, so Rider cannot fetch it. To confirm if this is indeed the cause of this behavior, please inspect World and SessionName using VS debugger and let me know the results.


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