How to enable Stop And Build popup when the process is running?


When I started build while the process was running I got a modal popup with the options to either "build" or "stop and build".

I wanted the option "stop and build" by default, so I clicked "Do not show popup again" and clicked on "Stop and build".

Apparently it stopped showing up, but with the default "build" option instead.

Is it possible to force Rider to do "stop and build" or at least get the popup back? I could not find either option...


Hello Ilya,

In order to do that, please change to false value of "" in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\Rider2021.1\options\other.xml".


Thanks for the answer, is it possible to force it to do "stop and build" instead of a modal dialog each time?

P.S. The value is actually already true in the xml, but the modal does not pop up


Try removing the line completely and restarting Rider.


Thanks, it did bring the modal dialog back. No way to chose a default behavior (stop and build) without modal?


It is the easiest option, cause you are able to choose the preferred option now and choose to not being asked again.


I am not sure I follow, the dialog does not remember what I chose when I say I don't want to be asked again, that's why I happened in this situation in the first place. Perhaps it's a bug?


Can it be so that you have opened the wrong options.xml file? Like from another folder, from previous version?


I have the same issue as Ilya, it does not appear to remember the outcome of the modal dialog. 

Changing the preference in options.xml can bring the modal back, but is there a way to set the preferred behavior to "Stop and Build" without asking every time?


Hello Omid, could you please clarify your Rider version and OS?


I'm on Rider for Unreal Engine 2021.2 (Build #RDCPPP-212.4746.131 built on August 6, 2021)

My steps are:

  1. Run the program through Rider
  2. Once the program is running, make a code change and Build Solution
  3. Observe the Modal popup shows up, prompting to 'Build'/'Stop and Build'/'Cancel'.  Tick 'Do not show this dialog in the future' and select 'Stop and Build.'
  4. Observe the application will stop and build.  Once the build is complete, run the program through Rider again.
  5. While the program is running, make another code change and Build Solution.
  6. Observe Rider will not stop the program and subsequently always fails to build

Once you've performed Steps 1-4 once, you can start from step 5 to consistently repro the issue.


Hello Omid Kiarostami,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. We've reproduced this problem and filed a corresponding issue on the tracker. Please feel free to upvote and follow the issue to monitor progress.


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