Unreal Engine : Failed to initialize Project Model

Jetbrains Rider keeps giving me this error message when opening a C++ file using Rider for Unreal Engine,  inside of Unreal Engine...

"Unreal Engine: Failed to initialize project model for "Configuration: Development Editor, Platform: Win64""


I am uncertain how to resolve this and it provides no additional information.  Any suggestions?

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Hello Teriander,

This message indicates that Rider for Unreal Engine was unable to fetch the project properties from UnrealBuildTool.

It can happen if UnrealBuildTool didn't generate JSON files associated with the project model, but it didn't throw an error as well. You can check the "UnrealBuildTool" window in Rider to check if this is the case. Usually, when UBT generates the JSONs, you can find the log messages that might look like this :

Written <project_path>\Intermediate\TargetInfo.Game.json
Written <project_path>\Intermediate\TargetInfo.Engine.json


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