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I would like to get some help:)

Firstly i would like to know if i can have several debugging watchers windows simultaneously, like i can do in VS. I Found in documentation that i can click to watcher icon and get separate window with watchers. But after last Update for Rider for Unreal Engine, there is no watcher's icon in the toolbar, so i cannot do it now:(
Secondly i would really want to see only watchers there, but not all the scope variables, in VS for example i can manually select what to place into watch window.
And finally when I'm working with c# I can pin certain data, For example i can pin data to show in my List and I will be able to see each member's data without expanding list, but unfortunately i cannot do same when working with c++ and TArrays.

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Hello Alexandr,

Thank you for trying out the Rider for Unreal Engine. Regarding the issues you mentioned:

1. At the moment, Rider does not support multiple watch windows but have an open feature request: IDEA-222206
2. You can move your watches to a separate window using the "Show watches in variables tab" action available in Search Everywhere (Shift-Shift) while the debugger tab is in focus. This action will be available in the updated debugger UI later - please feel free to follow IDEA-279765 
3. Regrettably, you cannot pin the variables in the debugger. We would appreciate it if you could upvote the following feature request to demonstrate your interest: RIDER-20841
However, you can try out the inline watches instead; you can find out more about this feature here.
Let me know if you have any questions.
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Thanks for a wonderful explanations.


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