Rider for Unreal, Comment generate definition in header and source file

Hello I wanted to see if there is an option in the settings of Rider for Unreal's "Generate definition" to place a copy of the comment above the function inside the source file as well?

For example: I have a function that says /** Cool Comment Stuff */ and I want it to be above the function in both the header and source file when I click "Generate definition" to make it easier when following my team's style guide.

header file

source file

I changed the name of the class just to cover possible NDA reasons...

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Hello YawLighthouse,

Would you mind describing how do you manage the comment changes in cases like this?

Right now Rider does not track comments between source and header. If this feature is implemented, how would you expect Rider to behave when one of the comments (a copy in the header or the source) is changed manually later?

Currently, Rider would not be able to change the other comment automatically.


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