Hello, I use it portable on a external drive. When i reset my notebook and start the IDE it asks me for activation. But the activation files are already in the .rider subdir but rider thinks they are invalid(?). What can I do to prevent this happen?


Thanks in advance.



F. :-)


Hello Rainer! 

Could you please describe your scenario in more details:
How to reproduce it step by step? 
Also, how many devices this drive is used with? 
Additionally, could you please share the path to the Rider subdir and its permissions? 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Hello Anna, I uses ist portable, with modified in .\bin. When I start, it starts, a couple of time later he asks for license activation. When I click on it, it opens your web page, I log in and get (think so) the activation token. I use it only on one PC (notebook) currently from an external drive. I have full permission on the folders. I think the license token in is rider.key in .\config. This seems to invalidate. Not a very big deal, 'coz activation is easy, but a bit annoying.


Hello Rainer,

I could not reproduce this behaviour. Moreover, Rider.Key file may be safely removed and it will be re-generated upon next login. And ./config folder stores Rider configuration, which is not related to the licensing.

At the moment I cannot name you the exact reason causing the issue. Thus, I would suggest you collecting logs right after the issue is reproduced using this article:
Then, create issue in our bug tracker in Rider > Help > Report a Bug… and upload logs to the issue created.

Thank you for your understanding!


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