Rider 2022.1 on Linux doesn't find Unreal Engine source when multiple versions exist

I currently have UE 4.27.2 and UE 5.0.1 sources. If I register one or the other the Rider Unreal plugin will find and open ONLY projects from the last installed engine.  Opening the .uproject file from the File->Open dialog results in a failure to load the project, with a message: Failed to locate Unreal Engine associated with the project file.

However there is no option or location I can find to specify which Engine source to use with a particular project.
This didn't seem to happen with the 2022 EAP version of Rider.

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Hello Andre Lewis,

The message "Failed to locate Unreal Engine associated with the project file." indicates that Rider was unable to correctly associate the game project with the Unreal Engine instance.

If you want to change the engine you are using in your UE project, you need to change the value of EngineAssociation (EngineAssociation) in your uproject to point to the identifier of the engine you want to use.

If you tried to register multiple engines, you might have encountered a bug in UE - only one engine GUID in Install.ini is wrapped in {} instead of both GUIDs. Please check if your Install.ini is correct


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