Editor Tab Alt+Number Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

The Alt+number keyboard shortcuts to open the Explorer, Problems, NuGet, Unit Tests, and Git tabs are not working for me in Rider 2022.1. For example, I can no longer use Alt+8 to open the Unit Tests window.  Though none of these shortcuts any longer open the corresponding windows, they can still be used to close those windows.

(In 2020, in Editor Tabs Lose Numbers, I reported that the numbers were no longer shown on the tabs, though the shortcuts still worked.  In that thread, I learned of a setting to show the numbers again. Today, I have the converse of that problem.  I still have that setting, and the numbers are still shown on the tabs, along with tool tips that confirm that the numbers are still supposed to indicate keyboard shortcuts.  But the keyboard shortcuts no longer work properly.)


Today, the editor tab keyboard shortcuts are working again.  The problem has somehow got fixed.


Hello Simon,

Thank you for your update on the issue. I am happy to hear that the problem has got resolved.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter the same issue again. In that case, we would appreciate it if you could share the additional information with us as described below:

  • Use shortcut to open some view; please write down the timestamp and let me know;
  • Open some view via menu;
  • Close the view via shortcut; please write down the timestamp again;
  • Collect Rider logs `Help | Collect logs`;
Upload the files generated via the Upload Service and let me know the Upload ID.

Have a great day!

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