UE5. Editor Module marked as excluded

I used this manual (https://lxjk.github.io/2019/10/01/How-to-Make-Tools-in-U-E.html) to make editor module for UE5, and everything seems to work in UE Editor (I can add new class into this module, for example), but module in Rider marked as excluded. Because of it there is no navigation, I can't take a look what is inside of this module, etc. Also Rider now allows to edit properties for Unreal project through properties window. How can I include this module into project? Thank you.

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Hello Nikitin I R,

Could you check if the module is included in .uproject and .Target.cs?


As a side note - Rider 2022.2 EAP has "New Unreal Module" and "New Unreal Plugin" actions you might find useful:


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