Rider Debugger not showing toString override


I am using .net and finding the ToString override is not getting used in debugger. 


Here I have overridden ToString but the list in the debugger is not using it.

If I change the name of the class it works as expected for a while (a day or two). Then reverts back to not showing the ToString override 


Hello, is it possible to share some sample project using which we could replicate the behavior on our side?  


HI, I attempted to create a repro but could not replicate in a new solution.

What I did discover is that the following workarounds "fix" the issue:

* Renaming the solution file (Changing it back breaks it again)

* Pulling a repo to a different path 


Looks like a path or caching issue?

So unfortunately this makes it hard to share a reproducible scenario.

The workaround of renaming the solution is not ideal but works for now. I will report back if problem returns.






I see, does it help if you remove .idea folder in solution folder?


Yes. That resolved. Thank you. 


fyi. I had exactly the same issue and the same solution resolved it.


Olga Diakonova an update on this one: The issue frequently (about once a week) regresses and I have to delete the idea folder again to fix. Is there a more permanent fix that can be applied?



Dan, it happens because the heuristic disabling methods that leads the process to crash works incorrectly in some cases and we got safe methods detected as methods that are caused a process to crash. You can try to disable this option in Registry(available in Internal mode):


No change when we set the registry setting. Still not seeing debug toString overrides. 


Have you removed .idea folder after that?


No. I did a full restore of all rider default settings today as per this page https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/configuring-project-and-ide-settings.html#restore-defaults

Which has has also resolved my issues. 

If the issue returns I will attempt the registry setting and remove the idea folder

Thanks for your punctual support.



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