Apple Silicon (M1 chip) Support in Rider

General details

Right now, an early preview version of Rider 2021.2 with full native M1 chip support is available. This version has no x64-to-ARM64 translation. It uses the following runtimes:

  • The Apple Silicon–compatible JBR (JetBrains Runtime) for the frontend.
  • The .NET6-preview4 for the backend.


You can download the latest build here:


Download Rider 2021.2 EAP3 "Apple Silicon" Edition


You can also download dotTrace Command Line Tools, dotMemory Command Line Profiler, and dotCover Command Line Tools builds that are compatible with Apple Silicon chips.

Known Issues

  • NullRef exceptions can happen quite often, but this is a bug in the .NET6 preview. Feel free to upvote this issue on GitHub. If you encounter this exception, please just restart Rider. 
  • If you’ve installed .NET6-preview4 on your machine, the debugger won't work because of an issue in .NET6 preview runtime. We've fixed this issue in the runtime on which the Rider backend is running. We've already made a pull request to the GitHub repo, and the fix is already in the .NET6 Nightly builds. We hope it will be available in .NET6-preview5.
  • The dotTrace plugin does not work in this build. We are working on a fix. 


Since the Rider 2021.2 "Apple Silicon" Edition is in an early preview stage, please consider the following:

  • Every new build will expire after 30 days. 
  • Update notifications and patch updates are NOT available.
  • NO installation and NO updates via the Toolbox app are possible.
  • We are going to publish a new build at least every four weeks and update the link in the Download section above.


  • The build is based on the same EAP branch used for the regular Rider 2021.2 EAPs.
  • There is no ETA for the release build. It depends heavily on the .NET6 release schedule. It’s likely that we will still deliver new builds as early preview even after releasing the general Rider 2021.2 RTM.


Your feedback is highly appreciated. Please let us know what you think about Rider 2021.2 "Apple Silicon" Edition and whether you experience any issues with this early preview. Use any of these feedback channels to share your feedback with us:

  • Click the "Submit a request" button at the top of the page to contact our support team.
  • File a request directly to our public bug tracker.


As this is pre-release software, the stability of builds presented here, as well as their applicability for certain purposes, may (and most probably will) vary.

Please use the builds at your own risk.

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