Apple Silicon (M1 chip) Support in Rider

Starting from Rider 2021.3 release, Rider runs natively on Apple silicon chips. Choose the ".dmg (Apple Silicon)" item in the Download selector on this page

Please note, that there is still no Rider for Unreal Engine build compatible with Apple Silicon. 

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Hello, I just wanted to try the EAP build on my MBA with M1. Unfrotunately the EAP version is not opening. It stops loading progress in 50% and do nothing. Anyone else have same issue? 


stepan.sanda It is first your 2021.2 EAP install? If you updating from previously version, try to remove ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/Rider2021.2 and try it again.

Which dotnet version do you have it?

I'm got 6.0.100-preview.5.21302.13 and Rider EAP5 and 6 works perfectly, but only with .net6.0 projects.

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Hello stepan.sanda! Please create a new YouTrack request and attach the Rider logs from your machine right after the issue happens: | `Can't access Help menu, how do I find the log file manually?` section.



Alexander Kurakin

Does Rider 2021.2 EAP6 "Apple Silicon" Edition work with SDK 6.0.100-preview.6 or it was me who failed to kick it off together?

My combination which works fine (without Debug feature) is Rider 2021.2 EAP6 "Apple Silicon" Edition with 6.0.100-preview.4.21255.9


Hello Amigin,

We are not aware of any critical issues with .NET 6 Preview 6 and Rider "Apple Silicon" Edition. So, it would be cool, if you submit a new request here and describe the problem in detail. We will have a look at it. 



I removed .net Preview4 completley (by deleting .dotnet directories  "/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk" and "~/$home/.dotnet")

Installed Prevew6 + EAP7 - and everything works...

Thank you for your great work:   Rider + M1 = Awesome development environment


Hi, Apple Silicon Rider is blazing fast!
I don't know here is the appropriate place to report, but it seems Apple Silicon Rider does not launch from Apple Silicon Unity.
I'm using Unity 2021.2.0b4 (Apple Silicon build), Rider package 3.0.7, and setting "Rider 2021.2 EAP 8" on External Tools, and Assets > Open C# Project does not work.


Hello Katsuomi! 

Please file a new request on YouTrack with all the details like can Rider itself be started without Unity? 



Still's happening

Any idea??


Hi JB team,

Thank you so much for this! On my M1 MBA, the x64 version has ranged from "slow, but workable" (internal display) to "borderline unusable" (on my external 4K display), to the point of almost giving my buyer's regret for being an early adopter of the M1.

The Apple Silicon version is blazing fast – even faster than I remember Rider on the 16" i9 MBP. Oh, and without the aircraft-like fan noise :-)


Hi Team

I have downloaded the new EAP Rider 2012.2 for Apple Silicon version from the link above.

However when I run it and check Help|About the version info looks identical to the non Apple Silicon version !

JetBrains Rider 2021.2
Build #RD-212.4746.113, built on July 30, 2021
Runtime version: 11.0.11+9-b1504.13 aarch64
VM: Dynamic Code Evolution 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
macOS 11.5.1
.NET 6.0.0

I am sure I am running the newly installed version, but I am not convinced the newly installed version is the Apple Silicon one.

I have several dotnet SDKs installed all < 6, I am wondering if the installer is seeing these and not installing the EAP Apple Silicon version ?


Dear Matthew,

aarch64 in the version info means the 64-bit extension of the ARM architecture. 

For the Intel chips, you will get x86_64.

Hope it helps! 



Have there been updates to the Apple Silicon build after the new .NET previews, or was that build a one time thing? Based on this article, the build still runs on .NET 6 preview 4, but preview 7 has just been released, so I'm wondering if new builds have been generated and uploaded.

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Hello Matheus!

Since opening the early preview channel for the Apple Silicon support, we've already published about 10 Rider builds. 

We've skipped "Preview 5" and "Preview 6" versions of the .NET SDK since there were some newly introduced issues that broke several things in Rider, e.g., the debugger. Right now, we are testing Rider on the .NET 6 Preview 7 build. 



Hi Alexander,

That's great to hear. Thank you for the quick reply and keep up the good work!


Hi Alexander! Could you maybe add a current version or build number to this page so that we can find out if a newer build is available? Right now, we can just download the build regularly and overwrite the old one to see if anything was updated.

The build works great by the way! Looking forward to see the final version.


Hey Eluchsingerm!

Good idea! I've added the build number of the current available build to the Download section. Thanks!  


Any chance we can see that preview 7 version soon? :). There are some changes on preview 7 that started depending on.

VsCode works but it is slow, I guess it uses x86 omnisharp? Not sure how Rider handles the language server etc stuff.


Ekin Do you experience any issues witn .NET 6 Preview 7 in the current Rider build? The .NET6-preview4 mentioned in the article is a runtime we use to run Rider itself, it does not affect your applications and projects.


It seems to be working pretty good however I noticed that it did not pick up a name collision we had. I think they added a new class in preview7 in some generic namespace and we had one with the same name, it would not compile on pr7 but Rider had no idea.


Ekin Thanks for the reply! In case you meant "global namespaces" by "generic namespaces", there is a feature request to add proper support for Implicit Namespace Imports and Global Using Statements.

If your issue is not related to that, please submit a request for the support team (the "Submit a request" button at the top of the page) and we will have a look at it. Thanks! 


Alexander Kurakin oh I meant it was something generic like System or whatever that we already had a using directive for. Basically, We had a `class Foo` and it worked fine, then I guess they introduced a new class Foo in the System namespace in preview 7. Now the compiler wants me to decide which Foo this is.

But not Rider because I think it is on preview 4, it is not aware of the SDK change causing this issue further down the road. Does that make sense?


Hi, Please update page to point to 2021.2.1 release :)


Alexander Kurakin I got an error when download the update and I saw the release note which I think is release note for Intel version ?

Failed to prepare an update: Request failed with status code 403


We’ve fixed two issues that prevented debugging Blazor WebAssembly applications (RIDER-65999 and RIDER-66599).
T4 template execution works again on macOS (RIDER-66097).
No more errors on an Average() call being ambiguous between Nullable<float> and Nullable<double> (RSRP-484898) and no more 'The type xxx is defined in an assembly that is not referenced...' error for Unity/Mono projects (RSRP-485467).
You can debug a DLL which is loaded from a stream in an AssemblyLoadContext (RIDER-66244).
The "Run all tests" and "Run selected tests" icons in the Unit Tests Explorer are no longer disabled when you open a test project (RIDER-66137).
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys ("Stretch to Right"/"Stretch to Left" actions) no longer resize the dialog instead of text selection (IDEA-267294).

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Alexander Kurakin BTW, the page states "Every new build will expire after 30 days" and the current build seems to be created on 30th of July.

Does that mean this build will stop functioning in 2 days? In that case, any new builds in the works? :)


Hey folks! 

I've updated the article, now you can download the 2021.2.1 build. The main change here is that now Rider uses .NET 6 Preview 7 as a runtime version. 



TonyNgo The M1 build can't be updated via standard way because right now this early preview build is not part of our release pipeline. You have to update the build manually by downloading the full installer from this page. 


Hello, my laptop just died & I’m thinking of getting a new MacBook Pro M1 for work. Our codebase is still on .net 5. Will I be able to use this build or will I have to upgrade all the projects to .net 6? Thank you for your help.


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