Trouble getting "Automatically refresh assets in Unity" to work

I have this setting enabled in Rider's Unity Engine settings page, but when I save a file in Rider it does not automatically refresh in Unity. The refresh only occurs when I Alt + Tab over to Unity to make it the active application.

When I set my IDE to Visual Studio the background asset refreshing happens as expected. 

In Unity, I have Asset Pipeline >> Auto Refresh enabled.




I'm hoping somebody can help me with this. It's the only thing keeping me from switching to Rider at the moment.



could you please check if this can still be reproduced with the latest Rider EAP build? You can find the details here. Similar behavior was fixed in RIDER-62051.


Thanks, Ivan. It's still happening on the latest EAP build.

I have verified that the "Automatically refresh assets in Unity" option is checked.

The assets refresh when I Command+Tab over to Unity, but I would like them to begin refreshing in the background as soon as I make a save in Rider, which is how it works with Visual Studio.

I've attached my relevant Unity settings if that helps. 


Hello Sean,

everything appears to be configured correctly according to the screenshots. Could you please clarify if you have explicitly selected Rider EAP8 in the Unity Settings | External Tools | External Script Editors menu?

If EAP8 was indeed selected and displayed the same behavior, then we would need some logs to investigate this further.

  1.  In Rider, go to Help | Diagnostic Tools | Choose Trace Scenarios and enable Unity scenario, detailed how-to
  2. In Unity Editor, set Log Level to Trace, according to this guide
  3. Restart Unity Editor and Rider
  4. Reproduce the problem: make a change to the script, save the file, make sure that the auto refresh did not happen. Then note the current time and switch focus to Unity window. We will need the timestamp to understand what events happened before the focus was switched to the Unity window.
  5. Collect the log files: Rider logs, by clicking Help | Collect Logs in Rider; Rider Unity plugin logs, from the temporary folders listed here; Unity Editor log, according to the Unity docs

Thank you in advance!

If you're not comfortable with sharing your log files here, you can submit a ticket by clicking Submit a request from this page.


I've attached the log files here: 

I saved a script change at 11:01 and the script did not refresh until I shifted focus back to Unity. 

One thing I noticed is that the automatic refresh happens when I shift focus to *any* app other than Rider. For example, if I make a script change in Rider, save, then CMD+TAB over to Chrome, the autosave occurs in Unity.

So it looks like the auto refresh is triggered when Rider loses focus regardless of which app the user is switching to.



Hello Sean,

Thank you for the logs, I have created a corresponding record on our bug tracker: RIDER-91220. The issue is handled by a dedicated developer there. Please upvote it and click on Watch to monitor the progress of the issue.

Let me know if you have other questions. Have a good day!


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