Reporting Unity related issues

In case you encounter any issues with Unity support in Rider, please report a bug to "Unity Support" plugin issue tracker and provide the following information:

1. JetBrains Rider version (JetBrains Rider -> Help -> About or JetBrains Rider -> About JetBrains Rider)

2. Unity Editor version

3. Rider log files (JetBrains Rider -> Help -> Collect Logs). Find more about collecting Rider logs here

4. Unity Editor Plugin logs:

  • Set logging level to Verbose in Unity -> Preferences -> Rider -> LoggingLevel
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Collect the logs

    On Windows:

    Collect files from:


    On Mac OS:

    Run the following command in Terminal and collect *.log files:

    open /$TMPDIR/Unity3dRider/

5. Unity Editor logs, see Editor section in this Unity documentation article


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