Clean Install will not build/compile/run default F# console application


Someone suggested that I try this IDE for F# development. The snazzy simple quick start videos pulled me in. Thinking things like "they made it so simple!" I signed up downloaded and installed the IDE. Now your it will not compile the basic F# project it provides. I followed the instruction video which really didn't even say to do a single thing besides choose some display stylistic preferences.

Can someone point me to REAL instructions on how to get this IDE setup to build its very basic F# project it provides. I mean come on.

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Sorry for your first experience and for delayed response.

What version of Rider you were trying and what error you had?
Rider 2017.1 without VS 2017 installed had an issue with default templates

Recently Rider 2017.2 was released and that issue was addressed. On every supported OS it is expected to work just fine.

Please see the instructions for different OS here:


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