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I'm trying Rider for the first time.  I have an existing VS 2017 solution which uses TFS as the source control.

How do I config Rider to use the same TFS server?

I opened the Settings / Version Control / Team Server /TFS window.

I see a ConfigurationManagment grid.  I don't see any add (+) or delete or edit buttons on the right side.

I checked the Plugins tab and it says the TFS plubing is loaded ( checkbox marked X).

Is TFS directly supported or do I have to go thru the command line interface (TFVC)?

Thanks in advance.







Thank you for contacting us.

  1. check Settings | Version Control | TFVC.  tf executable must be specified there. 
  2. check out from version control "menu VSC | Checkout from Version Control | Team Services TFVS" -> sign in to your account and select a necessary repository -> check new workspace location and press "Create Workspace"
  3. in the opened project go to  "Settings | Version Control | Team Services / TFS " and check if the server appeared.

You can find documentation about how to use the plugin here.

I hope this information helps. If you have other questions, please, feel free to let me know.



Hi Sofya,

Thanks for the reply.

I am able to connect to the TFS server but have a small issue.

I want to use an existing directory to connect to the TFS server.

I don't want to create new workspace location.

Basically, I want to be able to use the same local file structure for both

VS and Rider.  

Is that possible?

Since I am new using Rider,  I want VS to 'fall back' on in a crunch.

Can I configure Rider to create the TFS workspace with an existing local file structure?




Hi, Bruce!

Thank you for the additional information about the issue you faced.

Please, follow the steps below:

1. Open a solution in Rider.

2. menu VCS ->Enable Version Control Integration

3. menu VCS -> TFVS -> Manage Workspaces -> select your server and press "Reload workspaces"

4. Select the necessary workspace and press "Edit"

6. You will see OAuth window. Sign in to your account.

7. After that press "Save Workspace" and close the "Manage TFVS" window

8. After all, you will see a repository in "Settings | Version Control | Team Services / TFS" and your project is now ready for working with vcs in Rider.

Please, let me know if something goes wrong.



Hi Sofya,

Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, when I click 'TFVS / Manage Workspace', nothing happens.

No dialog is displayed.

I've attached a screen snapshot from the TFVS menu (tfs.png).

The dialog 'Edit Workspace' comes up but is empty.

I am using Rider 2018.1.3.  

Is there a log file or output that could shed light on this?






Hi, Bruce, 

As far as I can see, your workspace can't be identified by the plugin. Could you please, run the command below  in the command line (it is described here and here)

tf.cmd workspaces /collection:<collection-url>

After that you need to check "VCS -> TFVS -> Manage Workspaces". Has anything appeared? If no, please, restart Rider and reopen your solution, then follow the steps in the message above.

If the problem persists, please, collect and send us logs (Help -> Compress log and show in Explorer). How to upload files please read here.


Kind regards,



Thanks Sofya.

I was able to connect to existing TFS using your help.

Have a great day!



I was following along. My Visual Studio uses a Team Foundation Version Control Repository. It is mapped to my workspace at the root level. $/ in the TFS is mapped to my workspace directory. So there are two Team Collections that are on that server root. 

In Rider when I wanted to use the same root workspace there was a problem: teamProjectName cannot be empty. Looks similar to this:

It took me hours and hours to figure out how to remap the Visual Studio workspace to two separate ones in hope that Rider could use them properly. I'm now downloading the source code of my organization again.

But this will not work when trying to use a workspace that is mapped at the root level.


Hi Sofya,

I am trying to shift from VS 2017 to Rider and am using Rider 2019.1.2. I was following your instructions. tf command line is installed, configured (workspaces /collections) and identified correctly by Rider. VCS Integration is Enabled for the project/solution. When pressing the Manage Workspaces - I can see the workspaces come up with the correct Mapping as well.

However, when pressing VCS -> TFVC -> Edit Workspace, the window comes up empty with no server defined. Any other VCS operations are not working as well. For instance: Checkout is not even available.

Any thoughts?





Please, collect idea.log after reproducing the problem once again, and share it here.



Hello, I am also trying Rider for the first time and have the exact same issue


Hello @Vgaitano,

Could you please clarify what exactly the issue you have? Have you gone through the following guide

If the instruction above does not help, I would ask you to file a new support request with the idea.log attached.


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