How to enable Unit Tests runner's logging

Note: It is all about Classic projects, not .NET Core ones

  1. Run JetBrains Rider in Internal mode as described here;
  2. Go to File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | UnitTesting | Tick "Enable Logging" checkbox | Save;
  3. Open Help | Browse special files and folders;
  4. Find a path for "R# Temp Logs" property;
  5. Open the path in a File Explorer on your OS;
  6. "JetBrains_ReSharper_TaskRunner_CLR45_x64.{timestamp}.log" file will be created there after using Unit Tests runner.

Hint: Don't forget to untick "Enable Logging" checkbox when you don't need it anymore, since gathering log files might affect the performance and free disk space.  

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