[Troubleshooting] iOS Simulators are no longer available in Rider on Mac

iOS simulators dissappearing might be related to several issues on it's own. Thus, it might be useful trying troubleshooting steps listed below first

From Rider's Side

  • Delete .idea folder

Find it in the Help > Diagnostic Tools > Special Files and Folders > PROJECT StorePath. Delete it in the physical path mentioned and restart Rider;

  • Try EAP

Download the EAP version using this link. EAP is usually packed with all sort of differen inprovements, hence, it might hit a known issue. 

  • Clear Caches

Clear the caches via File | Invalidate caches => Invalidate and restart.

Both Rider and Xcode

  • Check if the Xcode and Rider tools paths are matching

Go to Rider > Settings > Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment > Apple Platforms > Xcode path. Make sure this path is the same with the Xcode > Settings > Locations > Command Line Tools. If it differs, change one of them to the proper one. 

From system/Xcode side

  • Launch the app in the Xcode

Check if the same app might be launched in the Xcode. If it is not, further Xcode troublshooting is reuired.

  • Update Xcode

Make sure that the Xcode is up-to date in App Store or in Xcode > Settings > Platforms

  • Make sure required Simulators are downloaded

Use the Xcode documentation to add simulators if required. 

  • Try another version

Use instaructions from this StackOverFlow thread

  • Kill the process;

Sometimes, there might be a stuck process or update. Thus, use either Activity Monitor, Terminal or simply reboot the machine. 

  • Re-install the iOS Platform;

Go to Xcode > Settings > Platforms > right click on the iOS platform > Delete. Once the platform deleted, press + sign in the lower left corner of the same menu and choose the iOS platform to install. 

  • Reinstall Xcode

Use these instructions.


If nothing of the above steps help or prevoius version works only, please contact Support (Help > Contact Support) so we could investigate it further. 




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