How to collect Rider performance backend snapshot with dotTrace profiler on macOS and Linux?

You may be asked by JetBrains team to collect a performance backend snapshot of a Rider process with dotTrace profiler. Please follow the below instruction for macOS and Linix-based systems:

  1. Download JetBrains dotTrace Command Line tool and unpack an archive to a directory.

  2. Open the Terminal and go to the directory you used above.

  3. Launch Rider and open a problem solution.
  4. Find out a PID (process identifier) of the backend process. The easiest way is to use the command in the Terminal:

    ps -ef | grep JetBrains.ReSharper.Host.exe | awk '{print $2}' 
  5. In Terminal session opened on step 2, run the command with the PID from the previous step:

    ./ attach --timeout=120s <PID>

    It attaches the dotTrace profiler to the Rider backend for 120 seconds (2 minutes).

  6. Go to Rider and reproduce the issue.

  7. Once the profiler finishes collecting a snapshot,  the Terminal will show you where to find the snapshot files. Please add all of them to an archive and share the archive with the JetBrains team for further analysis.
    Use JetBrains Upload service to share large files with JetBrains.

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