How to collect Rider logs?

How to collect Rider logs?

In case you are not sure you can reproduce the issue, please collect all Rider log files in one archive by calling the action Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data (alternatively, Help | Collect Logs or Help | Compress Logs and Show in Explorer|Finder|Files|... in older versions).

In case you have a stable repro,

  • open the log folder by calling the action Help | Diagnostic Tools | Show Log in Explorer|Finder|Files|... (or by Help | Show Log in Explorer|Finder|Files|... in older versions),
  • then close Rider and clean the log folder,
  • then open Rider and reproduce the issue once again,
  • and then collect all logs via Help | Collect Logs.

Please note that logs get erased on Rider restart. Therefore, if you are not sure you will manage to reproduce it again, it makes sense to collect them right after the issue occurs.

Can't access Help menu, how do I find the log file manually?

One can locate log files manually under the following path: 

Rider2019.3.x and earlier versions
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10:
  • Windows XP:
<SYSTEM DRIVE>\Documents and Settings\<USER ACCOUNT NAME>\.<PRODUCT><VERSION>\system\log
  • Mac OS:
  • Linux:


Rider2020.1 and above versions
  • Windows
  • Mac OS:
  • Linux:




Does the Rider team need all the log files and folders?

Yes, we do. Please collect all the files and folders unless you were asked for a particular file.

How to share logs with JetBrains?

Please attach them to a new support request. If the file size is bigger than 20MB, please use this how-to.

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I'm going to guess that collecting logs shouldn't cause Rider to hang for... 12 minutes now, still going. Is there a log for log collecting I can collect to log the logging? ;) 


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